Are photographs really that important for my online store?

Are good photographs really that important for an online store?

Short answer, an overwhelming yes!

You don’t have long to engage a user when they visit your online store, the average attention span of a web user is less than 10 seconds. This is where your catchy imagery come in handy, something eye-grabbing that keeps the user on your website making them more likely to make a purchase.

What types of photos should I have?

Anything related to your service or product, think about your target demographic, what would they want to see? If you’re selling a product, photographs of your product in use are always a good way to start. If you’re selling a service, photographs of your end result, your process or related images to your industry.

Do I need to Hire a photographer?

This entirely depends on your budget, good photographs are a good investment, photos can make or break an online store and effect how much a user may trust your store. So if possible, make room in the budget for a professional,a good place to start looking for a photographer near you is Instagram. Using Instagram will let you browse the styles of various photographers near you and give you some direction or even points of contact with professionals.

My budget is already too thinly stretched, what can I do?

This is where stock photos save the day, there are various sites out there all offering different styles. I would recommend Shutter stock as a good place to start. Stock photos are photos that you can buy the commercial rights to use, they are professional level photos that you can browse to choose what suits your online store.

A good idea when choosing stock photos or even when you have a photographer in is to have a design and colour scheme in mind, this will help you to pick photos of constant style. Following a style gives you user a sense of familiarity when using your website, again building that valuable trust, if a user doesn’t trust your website based on its appearance then there is a sale lost.

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