WooCommerce Book Review

WooCommerce Book Review: Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce

Building your on-line store is a difficult and involved process. Mixing WordPress and WooCommerce gives you a significant leg-up and can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the initial set-up and proof of concept phase. Picking up a good WooCommerce book such as ‘Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce’ will cut out some long nights and cursing at the keyboard along the way (although.. there will still be plenty of that!).

 WooCommerce Book Review - Building E-Commerce Solutions with Woocommerce

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The good

This is the second edition handbook from Robbert Ravensbergen, written for users, not programmers.

The book offers do-it-yourself solutions and step by step walkthroughs of key functionality and wizards in WooCommerce. The most recent edition was published on 31 December 2015 so it’s fairly current (as current as a hardcopy book ever is!) and will help get you moving along with that WooCommerce project you’ve been putting off.

This is a WooCommerce book that’ll fill you in on coupons, payment gateways, reports, and additional functionality through plugins.

The bad

Where this book no doubt falls short is when you get away from the beaten track. It happens very quickly once your site goes live, and you start adding additional functionality to capture those last few sales you lose.

Tools like abandoned cart capture, pay by instalment gateways, popup coupon offers. These are all features that have emerged very recently and are expected in a modern day e-commerce store, or you’ll lose sales.

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